other projects


Using technology to measure children’s social life and engagement in primary school

This research will make use of innovative wearable digital and sensor technologies to study children’s informal social activities with peers in school with a view to examining the connection between playground activity and relationships and engagement and learning in the classroom. See here for more information.


Peer relations Classroom Engagement and Learning (PeRCEL project)

This study examines ways in which children's relationships with peers may be related to their engagement in the classroom and their learning.



Social life during school meal times project

This research aimed to understand children's experiences of meal times in primary school and their perceptions of the 'value' of social experiences that take place during these times. In particular the research examined the nature of the conversational interactions, and the peer interactions and relationships during these times and how they relate to those experienced on the playground.


School Lunch and Behaviour in Primary and Secondary Schools Projects

These three studies (in collaboration with, and led by, the School Food Trust) aimed to determine in a primary and a secondary school setting whether the introduction and promotion of healthier school food and improvements to the dining room environment had a positive impact on learning behaviours in the classroom after lunch in comparison to a control group of similar schools.


Social Pedagogic Research into Group-work (SPRinG) Project

This project aimed to enhance the learning potential of pupils (at Key Stages 1-3) working in classroom groups by actively involving teachers in a programme designed to improve the effectiveness of and raise levels of collaborative group-work during every day classroom learning activities. The project was part of the ESRC Teaching and Learning Research Programme and was co-directed with Maurice Galton and Peter Kutnick. The web site provides background information and publications for teachers, schools, policy makers and researchers on this ongoing project - See here for further information.


The Spencer Project: A longitudinal study of children's play and games in primary school in the UK and US


This study .....